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  1. Me thinks you’ve lost a few stone since last I read your blog! Congrats! Better a bikey than a shack sloth.
    An old timer once told me one of the nice things about the hobby is it ebbs and flows. Some guys take a decade off at a time. No worries.
    With the solar cycle what it is, it may be a good time for a break, however contests prove that if enough people get on the air, you make contacts anyway.

    Some ideas to reinvigorate the hobby: Bicycle SOTA. (have you done any yet?) VHF/UHF SSB (works in W6 anyway…not sure about VK3) Bicycle mobile SOTA chasing; who cares if your favorite bike routes are not SOTA peaks, chase somebody from a high spot.

    I’ll be in VK3 nov-17-dec 3 will do definitely do SOTA from Mt Tassie in Gippsland, maybe one or 2 others. I’ll keep you posted.
    73 Mel

    • Thanks Mel, about 10 stone. (from google, we have the metric system here)

      yeah, its a hobby i can come back too any any time, and i do a heap of vhf/uhf contesting, just don’t get the same excitement from it, or sota these days. ill keep paying my license fee

      mt donna buang vk3 summit is a nice drive with a nice view, nicer than mt tassie, to try..

      • Its a hobby. Take time off, so other things, find something new to do. Change is as good as a holiday as they say.

        Good on you with the weight loss also. I have gone from 105kg down to 83kg in 9 months. I want to get down to 76kg which is the upper weight limit for my BMI. I might have been 18 the last time i was below 80kg and I am 47 now 😉

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