The WIA embraces a Digital Future!..

image_1_hiresRejoice in the glory of 0’s and 1’s. The WIA has come to the realisation that paper magazines and the lack of a digital model is not sustainable. After amassing large losses over the recent years with the production and distribution of a paper magazine, the institute has decided to head towards a digital model, while not fully changing over, the organisation will begin offering PDF magazines along side the paper edition until mid 2016. Consider this a soft transition while they understand member behaviour and manage the backlash a bunch of angry old men who clearly still have black and white CRT TV’s because they refuse to embrace the metric system will generate! they need to grab a cold drink from their coolgardie safes and relax a bit!

In addition to this, in order to help stem the tide of loss, the membership fees have increased ~18% ($15 on paper) as the magazine continues to be produced during this transition. This is a pretty hefty increase, but I hope that it forces members to see the real peril the institute is in, i hope it forces the above luddites to really consider the forth coming shitestorm of consternation many will generate.

If you are a member (and I hope non members voices are also heard) fill out the online survey or return the paper one found in the paper magazine to ensure your voice and opinion is heard and matters. If you are a non member, it seems you can put in a submission, i guess use your call sign?

The Announcement from the president Phil is available at this link.

The PDF version of the WIA magazine for march 2014 can be downloaded here!

Now all we need the WIA to do is really embrace digital mediums like Facebook and Twitter.

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