Easter SOTA Activations VK3/VW-020 & VW-022

Easter saw us in Horsham in western Victoria visiting christens parents, and this gave us the chance to activate some summits and explore the Grampians at the same time, as well as Mt Arapilies, a summit i have activated a number of times previously. First up, easter Monday we headed west to Mt Arapilies. VK3/VW-022.…

Avalon Airshow 2015

Its not all radios here at VK3BQ.com the other week in Melbourne, the Avalon Airshow 2015 was held. I took my Big child Nathan and my father along for a day watching the planes. Some photos I took on the day (i prefer the modern/fast jets, thus what I mostly photographed) The rest at https://www.flickr.com/photos/asphotos/sets/72157650682556437