M20 Trifid Nebula

Had a couple of days without clouds, and got to have a bit of a play editing up some more photos. The Triffid Nebula is around 4100 light years from earth and rather small at only 25 light years across. Not enough data for these, but I did use the flats/darks/bias frames, getting to understand…

M8 – Lagoon Nebula

We have been slowly collecting the bits and pieces needed to allow us to take astrophotography images from the backyard over the last couple of months and last night, the weather, school holidays and enough equipment finally aligned, and Nathan and I were able to undertake our first ever deep sky astro photography attempt collecting…


Over 25 years of poorly built and installed antennas, i have finally achieved #DXCC with 100 confirmed countries on Ham Radio. In the last couple of months with Covid19 Lockdown in Australia, i repaired my poorly built HF wire antenna and have started playing FT8 when time permits. This mode divides opinion, is it real…

SARK110 firmware V0.10.19(b)

The trusty SARK-110 was dragged out to check an antenna the other day, and as usual, a cross check of the website to verify and update the firmware Released in March 2020. V0.10.19(b) is the latest, and this was installed with ease on the sark. If you still have/use a SARK110, upgrade our firmware!

Dead Hobby

Haven’t turned a radio on for many months. Think the hobby has hit a dead end. Maybe its just me. back later, riding my bike.