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Just a quick post to help promote a company in Adelaide who I recently used for some parts that will go into an antenna project that I have underway. The company is run by Mark, VK5EME.

I was after a T106-2 Toroid core. And found one on the mini kits website. I also took the opportunity to buy a couple of rf connectors given I had payed for postage to add to my collection.


The items were ordered and payed for and arrived in 2 days. The items are good quality, and the dealings this time as with previous times have always been good.

Minikits have a great collection of quality rf connectors for LMR coax and some interesting transverter and microwave band kits. This is something I will investigate into the future, as I look at building something in the microwave bands. Most likely a small 10ghz station for portable operation.

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