VK3BQ*™ Cliptastic-Tenna Review.

Earlier in the year, Icom released the IC-7300, an SDR based Ham Radio, it was the first of the big three commercial ham radio manufactures to provide an all in one desktop SDR based device. This caused a bit of a stir in the worldwide ham community, A lot of people were keen enough in this new technology to spend the “relatively cheap aus$1700” and upgrade to this modern radio with its Band Scope.

That meant the second hand ham radio market place was suddenly awash with “Brand new “RARE” lightly used to receive christian shortwave broadcast stations on a Sunday from a non smoking vegan church” 30+ year old JUNK. Worse was the fact that those who had just spent their hip replacement savings on a shiny new 7300 felt they could solve this sudden loss of funds by advertising and on selling that old “RARE” Kenwood 120V beater with the leaking capacitors and blown display lights for $1000+postage. Typically sold via the wonderful http://www.vkclassifieds.net.au/ resource, but lacking photos as the seller still lives in the early 1980’s when the Kenwood was new and is still waiting on the chemist to develop the roll of film he took the photos with.

A number of us bemuse the fact and we comment inappropriately to each other about it on social media, safe in the knowledge the vic-20 the seller is using to access the dial up BBS on the 300baud modem is incapable of finding our commentary, school boy styled at best.

As a bit of a joke, one of the group decided to “advertise” a “”Versatile & RARE paperclip antenna”” on eBay, $10+postage. surprisingly, given its “RARE” status, it didn’t sell. Have a look at the link (it may eventually vanish – not sure how long eBay keeps ended auction details online) and see how “RARE and Versatile” it really was.

Not to be outdone. I popped down to office works and purchased a couple of boxes of paper clips of various sizes and delivered these to the one person I knew who could best take advantage of the limitless capability such a antenna system could provide. Peter Parker, VK3YE.

Peter has produced a wonderful review of the ClipTastic portable versatile link*™ antenna system.


You won’t believe amazing result vk3bq cliptastic tenna give to you very happy make talk far.

If you would like to download a copy of the instructions, a photo of a poorly faxed version Here.

You can buy yourself a kit for only $29.95+P&H on my webshop. You will be amazed at the difference you will make, all sales are tax deductible too.

Peter runs a wonderful Youtube channel, and its worth subscribing to this http://www.youtube.com/vk3ye

Peter’s website is full of useful tips and tricks for portable and QRP radios, antennas and other interesting ham radio fun.

And his wonderful Ebooks, which can be found on Amazon are great. At $5, why don’t you own them already?

Thanks Peter for continuing the laugh!

*No stationary products were harmed in the making of this video, but, I believe you have my stapler.

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