M8 – Lagoon Nebula

We have been slowly collecting the bits and pieces needed to allow us to take astrophotography images from the backyard over the last couple of months and last night, the weather, school holidays and enough equipment finally aligned, and Nathan and I were able to undertake our first ever deep sky astro photography attempt collecting data and have spent today having a play with PixInsight image software trying to understand how to post process that data.

M8 – Lagoon Nebula (~4000 light years away)

Skywatcher 72ED and Reducer on EQ6RPro Mount

ZWO ASI533MMPro main camera

ZWO ASI120MM and ASIAIR Guide and Control

Optolong 1.25″ Ha, SII and OIII + LRGB filters and wheel

10 x 60 second exposures per filter

Manual focus on each filter

Processed in PixInsight (trial), but no flats/darks/Bias yet (still working that out)

Our Mount Waverley Backyard with a pretty bright moon, Bortle 6 the app says. (lots of light pollution)

Three versions of the same data using SHO combinations, and one with RGB (but not L) the stars are a little over bright, but we are still trying to work the software out! We also only did short captures while learning the gear, how to guide and how to polar align at the same time.

So much more to learn, good thing its a slow hobby!

*expect lots of deep sky photos to come!

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