Statue of Liberty Nebula (NGC 3576)

Endless cloudy nights over the last couple of months have really limited my ability to capture any astro photos, and the handful of clear nights have seen me busy/unprepared, or aligning with a full moon. But back in Feb/March 2024, I was able to capture some data on the the Statue of Liberty Nebula (known and NGC 3576) The below version is a Hubble palette narrowband (SHO) version from my bottle 6 mount Waverley backyard using my ZWO ASI533MM, 7nm Optolong filters and my Skywatcher Esprit100 scope.

NGC 3576 is a bright emission nebula in the Sagittarius arm of the galaxy a few thousand light-years away from the Eta Carinae nebula. It is also approximately 100 light years across and 9000 light-years away from Earth

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