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  1. hey Andrew.. just had a look at your blog mate.. when you are out this way (Gisborne/Sunbury soon) give me a hoy.. love to come for a walk and do a SOTA peak with you.. I’ve never done one. I’ll be the pack horse.


    0408 52 88 00
    (I can often go during the working day with some notice)

    • thanks ian, ill see what I can do, my sota is usually very poorly planned last minuet! mt macedon is the local tower to you

  2. You maybe interested in Austravel Safety Net for your NGT as we have mapping GPS tracking, SMS bI-directional messaging and a phone app for full interface to the HF radio network, HF emergency call management. Can’t fit it all in here but the Tecall+ system is the most advanced in the world at this time and it is operational here in Australia for anyone to access with a commercial transceiver.

    I feel you would like the technical aspects of the system.

    If you want to know more give me an email or call Kim 0427983320

    • thanks, ive been helping Peter from alice springs help you guys with some “networking” support in the background, I should investigate.. (since HFRC collapsed, im without APRS style gps tracking on my codan)

    • most people have moved across to SAT phones, but it depends on what you want to do. for my car, and the limited HF use i have with ham bands and for emergencies, it solves the purpose.

    • Mine works well. It’s getting a little old. But they are built well. That it a new version or a sat phone? I guess.

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