Icom IC-2820H Replacement GPS Antenna

i happened to come across a second hand Icom IC-2820H Deathstar radio recently at a very good price and purchased it for the shack/one of the cars. BUT… it was missing the GPS antenna to allow DPRS (aprs for Dstar) and other positioning functions this radio offers. The GPS unit is supplied with the UT-123 Dstar module board as an option. The connector is a MCX type with a very long shaft, very specific.

A lot of searching for a suitable replacement yielded no results, before a call for help on the VKClassifieds Australian second hand ham gear boards had a person (David VK4ICE who runs a webshop for ham stuff) pointed me to a suitable replacement on eBay.

The antenna is a MCX GPS Boost Antenna For Garmin Nuvi 760 660 310 350 from this eBay seller.

$T2eC16R,!y!FIdmf(R4jBSI!OrEdkw~~60_12 $T2eC16JHJGYE9nooiNjGBSI!O2rEf!~~60_12

They are just over $3aus each, so I purchased two, and a week later, they arrived in the PO Box.

Plugged into the IC-2820H and in no time at all the GPS had a lock and I was good to go! Hopefully this helps someone else as well who has lost, misplaced or broken their IC2820 GPS antenna.IMG_0940

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