3D Printed Leo Bodnar MINI GPS bracket for Icom IC-9700

I recently upgraded the shack radios to a pair of newer Icom’s, Both a 7300 and a 9700. (The IC9100 has become a backup) The 9700 has become the primary VHF/UHF contest radio here, and with this, I ordered the reference locking board and GPS module form Leo Bodnar with this, I also got the MINI GPS reference clock.

The Mini GPS hangs off the back of the radio’s SMA connector and feeds the required 49.152MHz clock to lock the radio.

I wanted some way to neatly mount the MINI GPS on the radio when out and about, so quickly designed up bracket/carrier in tinkerCAD and then 3D printed it to hold the MINI GPS in place.

You can download the STL and print your own from the Printables website. Hope it solves your problem too.

3D Printed IC9700 Leo Bodnar Holder VK3BQ

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