Fixing ICOM HF IC-9100 Low Power Output Problems once and for all!

I wrote a post in august 2017 lamenting the power output woes of my IC9100 radio, problems with the Blade fuses getting VERY warm and causing voltage drop. I thought I had solved he issue with cleaning the fuse contacts and replacing the fuses with new ones to ensure the contacts were good.

Time moved on and I didn’t really play radio in any real for anger for a couple of years and the power issue wasn’t a problem, some very minor RX activity, the odd check in on the local club net or 2m repeater never stressed the radio.

Forwards to 2020, and the world is a very different place, CoVID19 and lockdown has seen me spending more time at home and this encouraged me to fix the broken HF wire and get the radio going again.

Some playing with the radio again saw the return of the power drops and blade fuse issues, clearly i had to resolved the problem.

So I went looking for alternative solutions, and stumbled upon “MIDI” type screw down fuse terminals. These screw down fuses have become popular for 12v power systems in cars/4wd/camper setups and are available for “reasonable” cost in australia. (around $20aus for 2 blocks and 4 fuses)

A pair of fuse blocks was ordered and the Icom DC power lead chopped around 50cm form the back of the radio, I then crimped on some lug terminals and installed with some 30A midi fuses and my overheating power issues are well and truly solved.

2 thoughts on “Fixing ICOM HF IC-9100 Low Power Output Problems once and for all!

  1. I had not considered these fuses.
    Just ordered some for installation in my car for a high current cable that goes to a socket under the glove box.
    I have been using 5AG fuses but the plastic holders have cracked due to the vibration and heat in the engine bay.

    • they are very popular in the 4wd community. im sure they will solve the issue! (and that jaydee auto place was about the cheapest I found them) thanks 🙂

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