Icom IC-706Mk2G Remote Head Latch Repair

I was cleaning up the other day and found my old Icom IC-706Mk2G radio. It had been in a box since semi retirement a while ago when I upgraded the radio in the car! It still gets used from time to time, camping and portable (non sota) and for vhf/uhf field days and contests, but clearly hadn’t been touched in some time 😀

I found all the bits and went to fire up the radio, but, somewhere in moving it or using it or?? the clip that holds the front head unit (and the remote cable) in place to the body of the radio had popped off, and no searching could find it.

IMG_3213 IMG_3212

I recall wifey showing my a strange black clip/thingy weeks ago, asking me what it was and if it was rubbish, to throw it away!. I’m sure it was thrown away!

So, without a clip, the radio is almost useless! what can I do, and how many hundreds of dollars is this going to cost me to fix!.

A quick google has the Service manual downloaded in no time and I found the missing parts.

706headparts bits list

Icom Australia’s office is local to me in Melbourne, A quick ask on Social media suggested icom spare parts were very good, and should be cheap! I wasn’t so sure!, but a trip to the icom office, and 10 mins later, I had my bits! And they were cheap! only $3.74 for both parts..


I had some time this morning to install the Parts! This was really simple, the head unit has two screws on the back holding the back on, unscrew these and then unclip the backing plate.


Then pop in the spring, followed by the clip unit, and its done! How easy was that!


Connect and screw it all back together and its done! All fixed!

IMG_3218 IMG_3219

10 thoughts on “Icom IC-706Mk2G Remote Head Latch Repair

  1. The same parts are still available in USA as of September 2020. Just fixed an IC-706MKIIG that I received from my dad thanks to your helpful information. Parts and shipping come out to < $7 USD. I called Icom USA and they were very helpful to verify the part numbers with me, even though I knew what I needed thanks to this blog post.

  2. This was very helpful – my switch broke as well and would not keep the cord engaged. The part numbers you listed are still valid and I found them at radioparts.com. $3.74 for the parts and $4 for shipping and I am back in business. Glad this post was still up!

    Thank you!

  3. Really glad this came up in my search. Just the ticket to fix my new to me radio. As of July 2021 parts are still available. Shipping is high to the east coast. FedEx only option was $11.50. I ordered two of each part which made up the balance of the $20. All in all I’m happy to not have the head taped on slowly slipping in the heat of the sun.

    Thanks for keeping this up. These radios are still humming along and this is very helpful, especially if you’re not versed in little repairs like this.

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