Dynamikkompressor DYC-8×7 FT817 Microphone Compressor

In my continued effort to achieve best BANG for BUCK sota signals, I’m looking at ways of improving the performance of the little FT817. I had toyed with a Hamshop.cz compressor however, in the field, reports of RF feedback and distortion occurred. I haven’t had time to understand why and try and improve the situation, it may be my install in the microphone, a job for another day.

In the mean time, i had a friend point me to german device, a DYC-8×7 from FunkAmateur.DE that connected inline with the microphone and seemed like a good option. He was keen to order one, so we split the postage and he got me one as well.


It arrived the other day, and mostly because I don’t read german! i didn’t realise it was a semi KIT. The SMD devices had been placed on the PCB, the proper devices needed to be soldered on the board. No big deal! I’ve been building more and more stuff recently and am getting faster (better) at soldering.

IMG_3231 IMG_3234

I had time last night to fire up the iron and add the components. This is a kit form a german ham club, but the production and quality of the material, the manual and even the box that it comes in are very professional! (very german).

IMG_3306 IMG_3235

The kit required 7 larger items be added, the RJ45 microphone sockets, the power switch, 2 pots, a large SMD capacitor and a small IC. Nothing too complex, and in around 20 mins it was done.

IMG_3334 IMG_3323

Once completed, it fits nicely in its own little box, they even provide the patch RJ45 cable to the radio. Its very neat, and very impressive. So how does it work!. the HF bands were very quiet last night at 11pm, and I didn’t have much luck raising a person to talk to, but listening to myself via another radio, it sounded clear and loud, no sign of distortion or RF feedback, and the compressor really did increase the “talk” power of the rig, increasing current draw on the radio and adding 1-2 S points on my other radio without an antenna and with the attenuation in. The real test will be on a summit under sota conditions! Ill have to organise a trip soon and test it in the wild! Ill update this with feedback on its real world performance.

12 thoughts on “Dynamikkompressor DYC-8×7 FT817 Microphone Compressor

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    • It works well, 1-2 S points difference and no noticeable distortion or poor audio from its use and feedback from both local and distant stations. no negatives, so far!

  2. Hi Andrew,

    I just rxed my kit today so hope to have the same success with signal reports as you.

    Looks like a nice easy kit and only took 11 days to arrive from Germany, which I think is pretty quick in my book.

    Hope to work you from a summit with the compressor.


  3. it was on and going yesterday when we worked adam, hopefully it sounded ok!. follow the instructions and its a simple easy build. have fun!..

  4. I ordered one of these recently and it arrived in a week. It took less than 30 minutes to put together. I tested it out with a local ham and I concur that it improved my signal 1-2 S units along with the audio clarity. Basically, my signal went from an S3 to an S5. Initially, my audio was down in the noise floor without the compressor. Another help to the audio was switching from the hand mic to a Heil Traveller HTSS headset model which is now discontinued.

    I also tried the OBP vs. the DYC-8Γ—7 in order to compare. The DYC-8×7 easily won, but the OBP was better than the stock microphone. Bang for Buck, operators should be ordering the DYC. My OBP will be for sale at the next local hamfest.

  5. no bad solders, keys mic as soon as plugged in, can not find any support in english to resolve issue, would not recommend spending $60 based on the support issue unless you really know your way around a circuit board to resolve the issues on your own. I have built pixy cw boards that only cost $5 and have a lot more to solder on with no issues, but this did not work and no real support from what i can tell. Out $60

    • Mine worked. Not sure what I can suggest. The makers are good. Reach out to them. Also check the mic cable isn’t crossed??

      • They did respond, they asked for pics to see if they could see any problems, they said everything looked right, and i should send it to them and they will get it back to me as soon as possible, so perhaps its just a defective one, in any case it looks like they will take care of it. So as long as that happens then its worth it as there is nothing like it on the market for this radio that is self contained and small like this and does not require batteries. So really looking forward to having a working one πŸ™‚

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