Sark-110 V0.10.xx Firmware update

Ive been pre-occupied with other things and not gotten around to updating the firmware on my Sark110 for a long time (>12 months at least). I seem have missed V0.9.xx completely still being on V.0.8.7.xx.

But i just found a few seconds of “free time” and went about installing the latest firmware upgrade, this V0.10.xx upgrade is a large change to the display/operation of the device, and the software created advises those who struggle with change can happily stay with V0.9.xx that maintains the old look and feel if they feel so inclined.

The new firmware can be downloaded from the Sark website at and is simple to install.

Plug your Sark into your computer, and drag the downloaded “”SARK110-APP.x.y.z.dfu” file into the root folder of your Sark. Then Power cycle the device holding down the “Run/Hold” button and it will prompt you to upgrade. If you want more details of the upgrade process, have a look at the info from the Sark website at

Thanks as always to Melchor Varela – EA4FRB. Your efforts and continued development of wonderful bit of test equipment is appreciated.

One thought on “Sark-110 V0.10.xx Firmware update

  1. I just updated mine and it works great and I like the changes especially the TDR function scale mignification.
    I also replaced the battery with a 1500mAh one from EBay .
    I bought 5 and the cost was about $3 each. Another ham in my club has one and I suspect his battery will need replacement.
    73 Frank

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