IC9100 Firmware Update E3 2015

Icom has Released a new firmware update for the IC9100 radio.  IC-9100 Firmware Rev. E3 is now downloadable form the Icom Japan website. It is a stand alone .exe file that will install the E3 firmware update.

IC9100 E3 Firmware link

The new firmware corrects one item on the radio

  1. The firmware update modifies the IC-9100’s transmitted DTCS code modulation waveform so undesired sound is not heard at the receiver.

Additionally, a USB3 compatible driver and cloning software update CS-9100 Rev. 1.01 is downloadable from the Icom website. (update in 2014)

its suggested you make sure you backup memories and settings for your radio, this upgrade suggests it wipes the radio memories (however my device retained all memories)


 How to check the firmware version on the Icom IC-9100 and IC-7410

  1. Turn off the transceiver
  2. Press and hold F4 and F5 while turning on the IC-9100. *DO NOT RELEASE F4 AND F5 UNTIL YOU HAVE READ THE VESION RESULTS.
  3. Results will appear at the bottom of the display

The latest IC-9100 versions should read (after E3 update)

  1. F_# = Front (currently no updates) 3.01-000
  2. M_# = Main (currently no updates) 3.42-E00
  3. DM_# = DSP Main (Current version should read 3.06 (00) )
  4. DS_# = DSP Sub (Current version should read3.08 (00) )


2 thoughts on “IC9100 Firmware Update E3 2015

  1. My firmware matches everything except DM.
    I have 3.05 instead of the 3.06.

    Is that minor or should I do the entire Firmware update?


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