Over 25 years of poorly built and installed antennas, i have finally achieved #DXCC with 100 confirmed countries on Ham Radio.

In the last couple of months with Covid19 Lockdown in Australia, i repaired my poorly built HF wire antenna and have started playing FT8 when time permits. This mode divides opinion, is it real radio, some argue its not, but in RF noisy middle suburbia with only short bit of wire for an excuse for an antenna, it allows you to work the world.

Truth be told, I’ve not been the biggest logbook keeper over the years, the ARRL Logbook of the world LOTW online platform has made this task so much easier.

Ive never sent a QSL card and most of my activity is in contesting or Sota/portable/Mobile, had I made a bigger effort over the years this situation would be different. Ive worked a number of countries on 6m, just never confirmed them is a perfect example.

So, #DXCC is confirmed, I’m still continuing to try and grow the country count, the next target will be 100 confirmed on SSB I guess. If only I didn’t have s7-s9 noise.

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