Sota Activation – VK3/VC-031 Arthurs Seat

I headed down the Mornington peninsular the other day with a job and managed to fit in a short activation on Arthurs Seat VK3/VC-031in the afternoon before heading home.

The summit is very accessible, and I drove to the top, then grabbed my gear and walked down the Arthurs seat circuit walking track path, past the toilet towards the Matthew flinders cairn, and this takes you well outside the activation zone.


I walked back up the hill and set myself up at a table below the main carpark near some electric BBQ’s. Numerous people had mentioned issues with HF noise from this summit, but I didn’t have any troubles on 40m or 20m with noise. (i never have any noise issues when on sota summits)


I continue to use my link dipole, and in no time had this set up on 40m and put out a call. It was a normal work day, but as Tuesday was Melbourne cup day holiday for Victoria, many people must have been having a LONG weekend and were on the air. A nice collection of people worked, all on 40M. I was a bit early for 20M being open to Europe and had no luck with that, but I did manage two S2S contacts at the end!. It was a nice hours in the afternoon sun under the trees overlooking Port Phillip bay.

This is a nice easy summit that may feature again in a family summer evening bbq/activation in the coming months!

Date:03/Nov/2014 Summit:VK3/VC-031 (Arthurs Seat) Call Used:VK3BQ Points: 1 Bonus: 0

Time Call Band Mode Notes
04:32z VK3ARR 7MHz SSB Andrew to Andrew contact double points!
04:35z VK3FQSO 7MHz SSB amanda
04:36z VK5WG 7MHz SSB Nev
04:37z VK2YK 7MHz SSB Adam
04:39z VK3NBL 7MHz SSB Ray
04:40z VK2YW 7MHz SSB john
04:41z VK3EK 7MHz SSB Rob
04:42z VK3TCX 7MHz SSB Ian
04:43z VK3CAT 7MHz SSB Tony
04:45z VK3IL 7MHz SSB David
04:47z VK3AFW 7MHz SSB Ron
05:27z VK3MRG 7MHz SSB Mashall S2S
05:28z VK3ANL 7MHz SSB Nick S2S

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