Sota Activation – VK3/VE-237 Huon Hill

The other day i had some work in Albury/Wodonga. This is a very long day, with near on 8hrs of driving, though I did manage to sneak in 45mins for lunch and a Sota activation on Huon Hill, on the edge of Wodonga. VK3/VE-237.

Huon Hill has a road to the top, you enter through some farm land and follow the road towards the summit. I drove up the hill and parked the car near the dip, walked down the hill to make sure I was outside the zone before turning around and walking up the short track to the top and the lookouts.

IMG_2585 IMG_2600

The hill was empty, so I set myself up in one of the lookout sections, Velcroed the squid pole and ran out the dipole. My cheap and nasty dipole repair seems to have worked, the power of hot melt glue! No other “improvements” however my new second hand replacement microphone worked!

  IMG_2599 IMG_2586 IMG_2592 IMG_2602

19 contacts in a short period of time before I had to pack up and get back to work! Conditions were good with everyone very strong, so much for the CME and its affects on the band!. Thanks to all who worked me. IMG_2595

This is a very pretty summit, with views of wodonga, the kiewa valley, lake hume and back into Albury.

IMG_2590 IMG_2604

Date:12/Sep/2014 Summit:VK3/VE-237 (Huon Hill) Call Used:VK3BQ Points: 1 Bonus: 0

Time Call Band Mode Notes
05:12z VK3MCD 7MHz SSB 59/59 thanks Brian
05:12z VK2GAZ 7MHz SSB 58/58 thanks Gary
05:13z VK3YY 7MHz SSB 59/59 thanks glenn
05:14z VK3FPSR 7MHz SSB 59/59+ thanks Peter
05:16z VK1DI 7MHz SSB 59/59 thanks Ian
05:17z VK3EK 7MHz SSB 59/59 thanks ernie
05:17z VK3PAS 7MHz SSB 59/55 thanks Paul
05:19z VK3CAT 7MHz SSB 31/56 thanks Tony
05:19z VK3PF 7MHz SSB 59/59 thanks Peter
05:20z VK5WG 7MHz SSB 59/58 thanks
05:21z VK3FQSO 7MHz SSB 59/58 thanks Amanda
05:22z VK3ANL/7 7MHz SSB 55/57 thanks
05:23z VK3DAC 7MHz SSB 59/59 thanks fred
05:24z VK1MBE/4 7MHz SSB 44/54 S2S thanks Andrew
05:25z VK3AMX 7MHz SSB 59/57 thanks Alex
05:28z VK3OHM 7MHz SSB 59/59 thanks Marc
05:29z VK1MA 7MHz SSB 59/59 thanks Matt
05:31z VK5NQP 7MHz SSB 59/58 thanks David
05:32z VK3AFW 7MHz SSB 59/59 thanks Ron

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