Quick and Dirty Sota logging from the car!

A lot of my Sota chasing is from the car! It’s where most of my radio activity is based.. But that creates it’s own issues. How do you write down all the summit details and chaser info while doing 110km/hr on the freeway!

I’ve missed a lot of chaser points through missing the logging bit. But I came up with a crafty solution!

I use the Sota Goat APP on my iPhone or iPad for alerts and chasing and the iPhone has an easy screen capture feature built into it. So, my brainwave!!

Why not combine the app and the screen capture feature and let the phone remember my contacts to latter properly record them.

So now, when I work a sota station in the car (and this only works if they have spotted). I take a screen shot of the activation. Recording the summit details and activation time so i can properly log it at home and collect the chaser points.

image image image


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