FT817 Audio Speech Processor


I blame Ben, VK2BENย for making me spend all my money, the other week, he shared with me a link to the below Speech Compressor designed to fit inside a Yaesu MH-31a8j microphone supplied with the FT817 radios. The ft817 has no built in speech compressor function, and this little PCB is designed to add a lifte more “punch” to the audio on those cold sota mountain tops running QRP!

The PCB arrived yesterday from the Czech Republic, it took 10 days to post, which is pretty impressive!

Ill write up my install, when i get the courage to try, the PCB is tiny. A project for another day!.

photo photo



5 thoughts on “FT817 Audio Speech Processor

  1. LoL. Thanks very much, Andrew. Good to see my evil influences taking effect ๐Ÿ˜‰

    When you sell it all and buy a KX3, my conquest will be complete!

    73, Ben

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