Broken 3D Printer FT817 Stand :(

The nifty 3D printed FT817 Stand I had made up at Glen Eira library last year was fantastic! it worked really well, i was even using it on sota summits to lift the radio up a little!


Until I had it on a summit in the sun for too long, it got hot and soft and bent, then my efforts to straighten it back up cased it to break 🙁

I’ll organise another from the library soon!. (or just buy a 3D Printer! and improve the design to stop the bending issue occurring Christine!

IMG_4963 IMG_4960 IMG_4958 IMG_4965

3 thoughts on “Broken 3D Printer FT817 Stand :(

  1. you could ask for 100% fill the next time you get it printed. that will make it stronger, but heavier and longer to print. At $1 per hour of print time it may cost an extra 50c

    • i think ill have to change the settings I send them, they print whatever the .STL file you send them has, ill try and fix it up and get another

      when the library replaces their broken 3d printer, ;(

    • i modified the .STL file for 100% fill, it calculated another 1.3hrs, but thats ok, i can afford the $3 it will be!… new file sent off, and I wait it being created.

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