Raspberry Pi

I was looking for some items on the element14 website when I noticed they had a new Raspeberry PI item listed. The version B board and an 8gb SD card with the OS installed as a bundle for $45. I had been looking for one when the price was acceptable, and this new package deal suited. I added a $10 plastic case, and it arrived overnight. So now I have myself a nifty little micro computer.

photo 1

The aim of the device is actually to have it running my online weather station, this box is using an old netbook I have, but thats a lot of overkill and excessive power usage to keep the weather station online. A number of my ham club members have done the same with a PI and their weather stations with great success. This is one way.

Some additional projects I’m going to explore when I get a chance include


WSPR beacon for the Pi.

A High Altitude Balloon!!

A Robot!!

Lots of things to explore with the kids.

photo 2 photo 4 photo 3

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