Sota Activation – VK3/VC-032 (Handbrake Turn Hill)

Named in honour of Andrew VK3ARR and his handbrake turns and Scandinavian flicks**. This is now known as handbrake turn hill. ** Andrew didn’t actually undertake such monouvers, just longed for a BDA Ford escort sideways.

The EMDRC club field day site is around 5km from this previously unnamed summit, and with me being so close to a sota summit, and having done all the setup jobs friday night, instead of sitting around waiting for the contest to start, i went for a drive and short walk to activate this 4 point summit.

IMG_9311 IMG_9308 IMG_9327 IMG_9317

I arrived around ~9:45am local time and parked the car in a small cleared area at the top and set about walking down the hill to the north of the summit to leave the activation zone and then back up to the cleaning. Arrived back, and started the setup.

There was a lack of stumps of poles, but I found a low branch of a very accommodating tree that allowed me to secure the squid pole and ran out the random bit of wire for the end fed vertical and Z-match. I’ve settled on my 12.5m random bit of wire for the moment (until i get around to building the linked dipole) as its a nice manageable length in the bush.

IMG_9328 IMG_9322 IMG_9313

The spot is pretty non descript, lots of trees and a road along the ridge. the forest is nice and it has a lot of bird life if you are also into twitching.

Im now also using two ground wires, one ~¼ wave length on 40m and one ~¼ wave length on 20m. I have no idea if they help, but they seem to work!.

Id spotted for 10:15am start and was a couple of minuets early, calling on 40m, with a good selection of stations for mid morning saturday. Band conditions were generally good, given the CME the sun had thrown at us earlier in the week.

After working 40m and emptying the cue, i headed up to 20m as I always do, i self spotted and put out a couple of calls, eventually working Dave VK4OZY in Queensland, (i think he is actually my first sota chaser from vk4).

My 20m exploits have been very miss, i always activate on 20m, but haven’t had much luck, I guess 40m is easier for ~1000km south eastern Australian contacts, and allows standard and F calls to join in also?

IMG_9318 IMG_9319

After half an hour of playing on the radio, it was time to pack up and head back to the contest site in readiness for the start of the main show, but it was fun to activate this summit and hand out some points. thanks all.

The View…

Time Call Band Mode Notes
23:13z VK3FPSR 7MHz SSB 59/55 peter
23:14z VK3FQSO 7MHz SSB 57/55 Amanda
23:15z VK5QI 7MHz SSB 59/53 mark
23:18z VK2WG 7MHz SSB 59/53 john 2yw at ham club in wagga
23:20z VK1DI 7MHz SSB 54/53 Ian s2s
23:21z VK3AFW 7MHz SSB 57/54
23:22z VK3PAS 7MHz SSB 57/55 Paul
23:23z VK5FTRG 7MHz SSB 55/57 Millicent.
23:24z VK5LY 7MHz SSB 54/51
23:25z VK3PF 7MHz SSB 55/41 Peter
23:26z VK3BYD 7MHz SSB 44/45
23:35z VK4OZY 14MHz SSB 41/41 Dave

One thought on “Sota Activation – VK3/VC-032 (Handbrake Turn Hill)

  1. Hey Andrew, Thanks for keeping the spot warm for me. I set up in the identical position a couple of hours later, anchoring my squiddie to another bush. Hope to work you from another summit soon.

    Regards, Marshall VK3MRG

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