Icom IC-9100 ICF Programming File

I had a local Melbourne ham who is a member of my local Ham club EMDRC ask me today if I had the 9100 programming software CS-9100 as he was keen for a base line file as a starting point as the prospect of starting to program the icom IC9100 ICF file was a bit daunting, and as an exercise, it is really daunting. Lots of memories and options and a lot of effort typing up a list of frequencies.

I have had the software for a long time (since the radio was new) and have made up a file thats a bit old now (around 18 months old)  but as a base line for greater Melbourne and South Eastern Australian repeaters and beacons on 2m, 70cm and 23cm, including the D-Star repeaters in the region, then this file might be handy for others as a base line also.

Ill update this link when I update my file with more recent and changed repeaters. but, this is my “messy” ICF file.



*no warranty, its the config file, buyer beware – and no, i can’t give you a copy of the CS-9100 software, just the ICF programming file. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Icom IC-9100 ICF Programming File

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  2. It seems you cannot buy the cs-9100 software any more. Have you used the RT systems software and is your file able to be imported by RT systems as I am looking to buy it.


    Shane de VK7SW

    • maybe it was included with the radio from the factory, I recall a cd in the box, I would never have paid for that software, sorry,

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