Mystical Unicorn DX Wire Ultra Light..

dxwule A couple of years ago one of the Manly Warringah Radio Club members acquired some mystical unicorn DXwire from Germany. This created a heated debate that lasted for months on the merits of this expensive unicorn blood rainbow wire vs cheap and nasty copper from discount electrical suppliers R us.

Well, i have just acquired some of this mystical unicorn blood extract fabled DXwire, the Ultra Light version, it has a nylon (kevlar) tracer that provides amazing strength for the weight and size of the wire. Specs in the photo.

I aim to build a linked dipole for portable sota operations as these seem to be very popular and have very good performance, with quick band changes, using this super light DX wire should help with weight and ensure it lasts a decent lifetime. I should never manage to break it!.

8 thoughts on “Mystical Unicorn DX Wire Ultra Light..

    • The wire works a treat. Really strong. And light. I haven’t built My link dipole yet. (Slack). But others who purchased in the same batch have had excellent results. It’s great

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  4. I love the DX Wire UL (ultra light). I use it in my portable OCF dipole for 80m and up.
    It’s light, strong and barely visible.
    Thinking of getting another roll to make a stealthy Sky Loop at home.

    “It’s wire, Jim; but not as we know it”

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