FT817 Kranker Knob

Everyone kept saying “knob, knob, knob” about my ft817, i didn’t know what they meant, so I googled “817 knob” and discovered the Kranker Knob¬†from the W4RT shop. This store has all kinds of ways for me to spend my money on the FT817!

I ordered a knob, just on $30 with postage and exchange rate conversion and it arrived in 10 days from the US in a nice little box.


The knob is nicely machined and has a small stalk that helps quickly tune the radio.


I carefully removed the outer rubber from the oem knob, a trick for young players, use a fine flat screw driver to open the gap at the top and push the rubber from the bottom to get the rubber over the little lip that hold it in place.

Next, take the supplied Allen key and loosen the factory knob screw, its actually a pretty long grub screw, so keep undoing.

Then gently pop off the old knob. for some reason, my old knob was a little stuck, and it took a little bit of wiggling to gently free it.


Then, pop the new knob on the radio (leaving a small gap at the bottom (so it spins freely) and do up the new grub screw.


The radio now has a fancy new knob, and you can Krank away. Its very nice to use.

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