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I discovered a critical flaw in the FT817 almost the first time I used it (a flaw for me anyway) the box is great, but has no built in ability to raise the display/control at a nice angle easily, it works a treat vertically, resting on the heat sink extension on the bottom of the radio, and is fine flat, but buttons and display are not as easy to see or operate with the radio flat on a table, trying to wedge something under the front of the radio to lift it up at an angle is also fraught with danger.

Some searching had me find these simple but effective Peg Legs from palm radio.

I’d been looking for them on different websites and watching exchange rates and the like to pick a point to buy, when I discovered them on sale on the Sota Beams website and snapped up a set. They were just under $35 aus posted from England after paypal conversions etc.

I ordered them Sunday 27th October, and they were in the PO Box this morning when my wife went to check it. Just on 2 weeks delivery.

They arrived in a small padded bag, they are cut out from steel and made in Germany, they arrived with instructions, bolts, washers and some spare parts. and as an extra surprise, a simple wire winder was also thrown in, though it kind of doubles as a business card 😀 Installation was a simple couple of minuet job, with the well written instructions and a small screw driver, they work a treat.

If you are keen to see how they work, have a look at the Peg Leg website and Installation Instructions

IMG_8108IMG_8110 IMG_8107IMG_8102IMG_8120IMG_8093 IMG_8098IMG_8099IMG_8086IMG_8101

IMG_8088 IMG_8087IMG_8095

And From the Peg Legs website

The Peg Leg tilt stand system was developed to improve the operating convenience of the Yaesu FT-817 by raising the front about an inch and a half.  The result is easier reading of the display, and better access to the front-panel controls.
The Peg Leg is an ingenious device, designed and manufactured in Germany.  It comes as a kit including detailed mounting instructions and all necessary parts like washers, screws, etc.  The Peg Legs are made of stainless steel for maximum strength, stability, and durability.
  • The Peg Legs are permanently attached to the radio, so you won’t lose them or have to search for them before your portable activities.
  • The legs fold downwards in operation.  They tilt back up and out of the way for storage or when transporting the rig.
  • The kit includes non-skid rubber feet for both legs and self-adhesive rubber feet to stick on the rear area of the bottom cover. An 817 with Peg Legs installed will stay put!
  • Durable but light-weight stainless steel is used for the legs and the screws, while high-quality nylon is used for the washers.
  • Installation of the Peg Leg system does not interfere with shoulder strap attachment.
  • All front panel controls and the jacks on the side remain accessible and fully functional. Because the rear of the radio is tilted downward, we recommend using the front antenna (BNC) jack.

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