LOTW__333_X_220I haven’t ever really played serious DX HF, Ive used it to chat around Australia while exploring the country and for the occasional chat overseas while driving, but thats not a serious effort.

In recent weeks (and with the CQ WWDX Contest) it spurred some interest in me, that my small bit of random wire hanging in the tree in the backyard is capable of working the world. You know where this will end, a big tower, yagi and amplifier. 😀

I don’t do the whole qsl card thing either (though maybe I will?), so, I’m going to attempt my DXCC on Log book of the world. LOTW is an online qsl system that the ARRL run and makes exchange easy.

I currently have 36 confirmed countries/QSL’s. DXCC is for 100 confirmed contacts, its something for me to aim for 😀

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