Spring VHF/UHF Field Day 2014 VK3ER

As normal, the EMDRC club station VK3ER/P headed to our normal contest location at Mclaughlins Lookout in the wombat state forest for the SpringVHF/UHF field day 2014.

The team for Spring consisted of our normal operators. Peter, Mike Jonas and Jack, we had help from Greg and Michael, and I was able to assist for for the first days activity.

The team arrived Friday afternoon and setup the gear as normal, though had forgotten the FM Yagi for 70cm. Luckily, I was running late and was able to drop past and collect it on my way to the site.

IMG_4081IMG_4099 IMG_4097IMG_4095

By late Friday, we were all setup and ready for the event on Saturday.

The contest went well, activity was similar to previous years, as the Saturday afternoon progressed, the weather changed, we had pretty strong and gusty winds, they really buffeted the antennas. We had some cosmetic issues with the microwave pole guy rope support and had to lower the antennas to correct the issue, some antenna clamps and we were back and going. Have a look at the videos of the wind at the bottom of this post.Others in the region had the same strong winds, but also experienced some heavy rain storms,the rain missed us, which was a good thing.



I had to head back to Melbourne late Saturday night, and left around 12:30am once we had shut down the generators. The rest of the team were back up before 6am Sunday morning and operating again.

_MG_6191-11_MG_6190-10 _MG_6199-14_MG_6211-21 _MG_6218-25_MG_6216-24 _MG_6212-22IMG_4094 IMG_4102_MG_6185-8_MG_6183-7_MG_6219-26

D3H_8864 copy D3H_8873

And, only one issue on the way home. Thankfully nothing more than a tyre change.

DSC01026 DSC01027

Thanks to all the stations in the field and at home who worked us.

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