CQWW SSB QRP park portable.

The kids were going crazy at home. So I volunteered to take them to the local park for a play. And packed the FT817ND along for the ride. This weekend is the CQWW SSB contest so I hoped active bands would nab me some portable contacts.

I set up the squid pole and radio. And gave 28mhz a go. As it’s been open for the last couple of days. Lots of stations active. But 10mins of calling/ trying to answer loud stations, and with the kids bugging me for pushes on the swings, sandpit play, hide and seek etc, and then a short burst of Melbourne rain had me pack up. Unsuccessful. Not even one contact! I guess that’s the joy of 2.5w and a random bit of wire QRP park portable 🙂 especially with masters 3 and 5 years old in tow! At least I tried 🙂


And a video of my crazy kids at the park

An Additional update, I fixed my wind damaged OCF 40m-6m dipole (the wind had snapped a support rope) and reinstalled this when I got back from the park, I spent 3-4 hrs Saturday evening. working many new countries in the process. it was a fun evening.


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