Slow Scan TV test

The MWRS club guys last night emailed around an interest to try Slow Scan TV, not having played SSTV before, I decided to join them and have a play!. we started on 14mhz, but didnt have any luck, so we moved to 7mhz and was able to make/receive pics from Melbourne to Sydney. I used my new signalink USB sound card and the MMSSTV software.

It was pretty straight forward to set up, just some slight adjusting of levels (mostly windows 7 grief) though my netbook was too slow to make it work, so on to the imac in a windows virtual machine!..

its a pretty neat little protocol, i can see how when computers and ham radio merged it was such a popular mode (back in the 1990’s) today it does not really have that edge, so accomplishment unlocked, not sure ill go out of my way to USE it as a mode going forward though 😀

some pics I sent that were copied by ben in sydney *i collected some Satellite antennas for ben the other week, this is a pic of me collecting those antennas sent back to ben!..
ben's sat antenna
and my copy of bens pic.
vk2ben copy

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