Sota Activation – VK3/VC-022 Mt Cowley

My work took me down near Lorne yesterday, a long day actually, so I choose to use my lunch break for a very quick activation on Mt Cowley. This summit over looks bass straight behind the great ocean road, and is a nice drive into the hills behind Lorne and up past Erskine Falls. (where i was doing some work for the upcoming falls music festival).


I arrived at the summit and had a quick look around, parked and walked down and back up the hill quickly with my gear to comply with the rules, coming back to the gate blocking the western track on the ridge where I could set up the squid pole and gear on a mound of dirt. Only adventure of the day, i had to remove two leaches that I discovered crawling up my legs during the activation, and came across 3 very surprised motor bike riders driving down the access track – they were travelling up very rapidly and surprised to come across me, I suspect the first rider needs a new pair of undies.

IMG_7855 IMG_7865 IMG_7849
IMG_7852 IMG_7847 IMG_7853IMG_7860

I had expected to be active from 1pm, but was a fraction late, starting at around 1:25pm, I spotted myself on 7.090 and called, having heard a number of people working Andrew VK1NAM  who was also on a summit as I was setting up, however my station on 40m was not working well, only managing a contact to Ben VK3FTRV in Melbourne. He could hear Andrew and we organised a move to 20m, Where i was easily able to work Andrew as a S2S station as well as a number of other people to qualify for the summit and pack up, needed to get back to work. Thanks everyone who I worked.

Time Call Band Mode Notes
02:31z VK3FTRV 7MHz SSB Ben QRP also
02:36z VK1NAM 14MHz SSB Andrew S2S on VK2/IL-005
02:37z VK5PAS 14MHz SSB Paul
02:37z VK2DAG 14MHz SSB Matt
02:38z VK2JI 14MHz SSB Ed

4 thoughts on “Sota Activation – VK3/VC-022 Mt Cowley

  1. Hi Andrew, I was surprised to make the S2S contact on 20m. Thanks to Ben for relaying the request to QSY from 40 to 20. Good to work you S2S for the first time, look forward to more contacts in the future.

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