QRP portable. Yarra Bend park!

We spent the day out in the city as a family today. This morning I dropped off the rest of the family at the museum while I headed over to the maker faire called eurisko Melbourne. I was away and didn’t attend last years event (ran at Swinburne uni) but heard great things about it. Today, it left a lot to be desired. A bunch of people with 3d printers and some recycle junk people. The rocket club was cool though. I did visit early day one. Maybe it got better in the afternoon? The wia had a stand. And they were working hard to promote the hobby. But the place was empty. I don’t think it was well publicised.
After the maker faire. I met the family back at museum Victoria. I had heard about an IMAX film “the hidden universe” made with the assistance of Swinburne uni astro physics team and super computer. So we went to see the movie! Visually spectacular. If you are a bit of a space nerd. Worth seeing!
Then after a late lunch. To the park! I had the ft817 portable station with me and set up on a picnic table at Yarra bend park beside the river. The kids playing at the playground. The band conditions were terrible. I had no noise. But couldn’t hear anyone. In the end I spent a lot of time tuning around different bands for only one contact. A vk3 SOTA station. Though it’s fun to get a chance to play radio. I did have 5 people come to see what I was doing. Interested in the antenna, nd what was going on. One even knew a bit about ham radio.
After a play and with not much ham activity we went to explore the suspension bridge over the Yarra. A fun day.

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