Icom IC-7100 Omnirig INI File


Peter, VK5KX has modified my IC-9100 INI file to work with the new Icom IC-7100. He has modified the radio address (hex) only, and the same operation and limitations as my original IC-9100 version of the file. I don’t have a IC-7100, thus have not tested this file, but their is no reason it should not work exactly as my IC-9100 version. The details for what works on the IC-9100 can be seen on that page.

If you would like a copy of the IC-7100 INI file you can download it as a .zip file from this link IC-7100 Omnirig  *Caveat emptor!

9 thoughts on “Icom IC-7100 Omnirig INI File

  1. Hi
    Found your Omnirig file for the IC-7100. Great stuff. I need it to overcome a PTT problem with WSJT-X. However, I have no idea how to do that. Any pointers? tnx de Dieter, vk3ffb

  2. thanks. tried G8PBQ earlier this week, but no luck here. A Yahoo group member mentioned he got his 7100 going with WSJT-X via Omnirig, so I thought I try this out. This stuff is going a bit over my head but I keep at it. Funny enough, Airlink Express works just fine with the 7100 using only the USB cable CAT control. A mystery I guess. 73

  3. Works erfectly with my 7100 also. I use HRD for the rig control but it is controllable using WSJT-X directly. I have to have the rig set up as USB DATA and the filters set in HRD as D1.

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