SOTA = Summits of the ANDREW

images-andrewOne observation of this Sota caper is. Many of the operators are named Andrew. Is it just a case of age/naming popularity of the 1960’s and 1970’s? Or some other weird universe / moon / crystal / alignment that has drawn so many Andrews to climb to the top of hills and call out as loud* as they can?

Looking at an “Australian Baby Name’s” website, I can see that Andrew was the 5th Most popular Boys name in the 1960’s and the 3rd Most popular boys name in the 1970’s. So the chances of an Andrew are high, and I guess thats what we have got.

A list of some of the Andrew’s who participate in SOTA, please let me know any I have missed.

VK3ARR , VK1NAM , VK1DA , VK5LA (and of course me VK3BQ)

*at 5w. They are not really loud! but they try!

5 thoughts on “SOTA = Summits of the ANDREW

  1. You’ll probably be able to add me soon enough (operated from vc017 for jmfd though one unique short to qualify as an activation). DoB 1974…

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