HoldMyPhone No Drill Mounts

We recently got a new car, and with this came the old issue of “where to mount radios”

One of the forums i read, pointed me to this neat and nifty “no holes” holder system from HoldmyPhone

The system uses brackets specifically designed to click on vents and dashes for a range of cars without drilling, the system has a partner range of brackets and holders for many types of phones, tablets, radios and the like. They are not cheap, but so far they have been very good.

Ive gone with 3 mounts for different devices, one to hold the codan hand unit, one to hold the icom remote head for vhf/uhf and a quick release mount for the iPad mini to use as a car computer and 4wd mapping unit.

The codan Mount

9048727480_2d3b86920d_z 9048748148_b9fa064c47_z

The Icom Mount

9046493859_0f37907056_z 9048740628_bc8995ee5a_z

The iPad Mini Mount *not my iPad, i have a blakc one! no pics of mine yet!


3 thoughts on “HoldMyPhone No Drill Mounts

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  2. How did this show on the long run? I had once similar holder for cellphone but eventually, dropped it.
    Issue was that in winter time, hot air blowing overheated phone.

    • in australia we get some pretty crazy hot weather, the mounts have not had any issues with 80000km of driving and 3 years of use. I’m not sure i have ever turned the heater on in that car!, but, with the aircon on, the back of the iPad does get cool using the middle mount, i just turn that vent off as it isn’t doing anything useful open. so far these mounts have been good.

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