Toyota Denso 14ACX CCAB08LP0730T4 smart key! Flat battery

Not ham radio related, but.. radio related.

My(Christine’s) car a Toyota Prado wouldn’t open the other day with the beepy thing! Try as I did, it wouldn’t open!.Stand on one leg, point at the sky, walk around and around and around the car pushing the open button like a ninja, nothing.

Finally, after lots of button pushing the happy beeps of road pleasure let me into the big metal box, the plight of a car with a smart key. The manual says, once inside the car, if you hold a flat smart key against the push start button, it will register the key and start the car, and this did work, good to know.

IMG_5648 IMG_5661

I had seen discussion of lost smart keys and a $400+ Toyota tax to replace and was worried the key and battery were all sealed in an expensive package that would need a dealer to replace and reporgram.

A read of the car manual (i know – who reads manuals) and a quick google on the kay and battery replacement didn’t really find anything. The manual said, any issues with your remote/smart key, take it to a dealer.

So I set about the key with a screw driver and prised it open. To discover inside was a CR1632 3v button battery and it was easy to replace it myself.

IMG_5662 IMG_5663

A new CR1632 was purchased and installed. My next concern was, did the key forget its program without power and did it still need a dealer to reprogram the key, but, it still works. With a new battery i am back to a wireless car with smart start! So, search engines, find this and let others know its EASY to replace the Battery in a Denso 14ACX CCAB08LP0730T4 smart Key for Toyotas.


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