Case for SARK-110

Ive been looking for a bag or case for the SARK-110 for months. I had a look at point and shoot camera bags/cases, but they were all too small for the added bits or too bulky for what I had/wanted.

The other week, a ham posted a photo of his case he had found at jaycar, the HB6421 its a bit too bulky for the sota backpack (i took the sark to a sota summit once, and confirmed the antenna was ok as it was when but and as the ft817 vswr meter confirms, and the elecraft T1 meter confirms, and put it back in the bag never to use again!) but will work for that purpose should I decide i need the power of the sark on a summit again.,

IMG_4957 IMG_4952 IMG_4950 IMG_4954

Its a waterproof pelican styled ABS plastic case that about the size of a smart phone. Using some foam padding i had lying around I cut out some holders and made up spaces for the cables and connectors/sark to fit, with a number of iterations along the way before the final case (for now). Now the complete kit is safely in one place and should last!. Just have to remember to keep the unit charged but it seems to hold its power well! If you are new to the sark, you can read more on how I’ve used it on my BLOG HERE and at the SARK website HERE

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