HF Radio Club or SPOT GPS Position to APRS

One of the features my codan offers is GPS logging. The 4WD HF land mobile club HFRC I use will take those GPS positions and plot them on a map, on their system to show where you are and where you have been.

hfrc hftracks

This commercial service is great, but it doesn’t interconnect with the ham radio APRS network and show the spots on APRS.FI..

I have used a tinytrak4 APRS modem in the past with the VHF and HF aprs radio networks, in the old car using the icom 706mk2G, but had never gotten around to making up a lead and connecting it to the codan.

The other day an email appeared on the Australian APRS email list pointing to the website http://positlogger.net/ run by an alice springs Ham Geoff VK8GG.

hfrc_setup posit

His website will grab your SPOT GPS tracker location or your HF Radio Club GPS spot and convert this to APRS and send it to the APRS network. Giving you the ability to have tracking on the aprs network from your non ham radio devices.


It works a treat! thanks Geoff!..  if you find it handy, you can donate something to help the website run as well.


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