FT817 – W4RT 500Hz CW Filter!

As part of my efforts to make the FT817 work as well as it can on sota summits (yes, i tinker too much). I was looking at options for filters for the radio. While i have been spending money on this exercise of “pimping my radio”, i have been acquiring items cheap, second hand or making them, rather than a bulk order form the U$.

I was keen on the dual board SSB and CW filter for the FT817 from W4RT but hadn’t gotten around to ordering one, a couple of weeks ago someone was advertising selling an FT817 with some bits installed, including the W4RT 500Hz CW filter, i emailed them asking if they would consider selling this filter separately, they replied they wanted to sell as a lot. A week or so ago, i got an email from the seller advising me a buyer wasn’t keen on the filter and was I still interested. 2 days later, I popped the filter into the radio!! a quick test on 40m shows it works well, now all I need to do is work on my CW skills to feel confident enough to work a summit CW only! but that will come..

IMG_1577 IMG_1576 IMG_1581 IMG_1583

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