A new Ham in the Family.

Earlier today, my wife Christine successfully completed her Foundation license course and has become (when the paper work arrives, its been submitted) VK3FCEK! Well done Christine, now you too can operate when we go on those SOTA trips!

***its arrived. 3 weeks for the wia to process their paperwork and 4 days for the acma. The license went live last night ­čÖé

image IMG_9083 IMG_8799 IMG_8761 IMG_8707 IMG_8513 IMG_8778 IMG_8770

2 thoughts on “A new Ham in the Family.

  1. Christine, congratulations on gaining the Foundation license. Clearly you don’t need a welcome to SOTA, however given you can now activate a summit, a hearty welcome is appropriate. Well done.
    Andrew (1 of 8 Andrews), VK1NAM

    • Thanks Andrew. while I don’t see Christine heading off on her own mountain goat path, she did ask “if a husband carried all the sota gear and set it up, does it still count for me” we might get her qualifying the odd mountain, she does come along for the walks anyway!.. and you lot would appreciate another call sign! thanks.

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