Sota Activation – VK3/VC-025 Mt Dandenong (2014)

My big child Nathan has developed a recent trait of unexpected and rather rapid onset motion sickness in the car when we travel on twisty roads.

With that in mind, we set off to join the Morrabbin and District radio club members at Mt Dandenong for a mini SOTA combined activation and promotional event. The family came along for an explore of the gardens and a picnic while I got to play some radio! (The MDRC info PDF of the event is here)

As we started heading up the tourist road, where it becomes twisty, i notice Nathan was still reading his book, I suggest that it was twisty, that he gets car sick, and it would be wise if he would stop reading and look out the window. Im fine, he protested. 30 seconds later, that delightful noise and smell sees me rapidly pulling over on a turn out lane and we began the mopping up process. Pancakes with strawberry jam, yum!


Access to Mt Dandenong requires a walk up the entry road, so I jumped out of the car at the turnoff and walked into the activation zone with my gear while the family drove in, entry is $5 per car load.

I arrive at the summit, catch up with my waiting family and try and find the other guys, i had looked at the map, but headed in the wrong direction, finally locating the stations, I setup my gear on a rock while my wife prepared the picnic lunch for the hungry children.

Ron, vk3afw, Tony vk3cat and some others (I’m terrible with names, I’ve forgotten) had setup below the main restaurant area and had different antennas and stations going working cw and ssb on 40m, 30m, 20m and 2m.

IMG_9963 IMG_9979 IMG_9968 IMG_9964

I fired up my gear, and just chased / worked a couple of Summit to Summit contacts, and ended up with 5 contacts rather then spend the time working a big activation. I did manage to work peter using the special event call sign of VI3POLIO to celebrate rotary’s work in helping to rid the world of this disease. I also tried some PSK31 on 20m, but wasn’t successful.

IMG_9962 IMG_9959IMG_9961 IMG_9960

Time Call Band Mode Notes
00:47z VK1RX 7MHz SSB 41/51 thanks al
00:49z VK2QR 7MHz SSB 41/51 thanks rob
00:53z VI3POLIO 7MHz SSB thanks peter (special call sign)
00:59z VK2FGJW 7MHz SSB 31/31 thanks greg
01:02z VK3VCE 7MHz SSB 55/58 thanks dave

Finally, the kids went on a tour of the other stations and Tony allowed them to have a play with his fantastic KX3 and its morse key!, they got to send their names over morse on his radio, Nathan was very excited and impressed. Thanks Tony!

IMG_9965 IMG_9967

Finishing off, for the train spotters, this was in the carpark, i didn’t go any closer, as it had some people in it playing with a laptop, it sounded like a v8/supercharged falcon (FPV) and the finish suggested it was a late cycle pre production development car with brembo brakes and FPV GT wheels (rather than an all out prototype). the last of the ford falcons. 😀 Im told its most likely the last of the last of the BIG v8 Australian falcons (as a special last model XR8, since FPV no longer exists)

IMG_9974 IMG_9970 IMG_9969

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