First time for everything!! Even Morse!

I often joke I’ve programmed the morse keyer memory on my radio to ask “do you have a microphone” but…

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting in the sun playing around with the ft817 and with my Dinkey morse key and got brave enough to put out some calls. *initially without much luck.

But I videoed myself having a play and mentioned on Facebook that I was trying morse for the first time ever and then organised a contact with Rob VK2GOM in Sydney.

He was 539 and I was 559 to him. I fumbled through my first ever contact not really sure what I was meant to send back. I studied and passed morse exams in the late 1990’s but only passed the test and never used it. So had no idea what to send and how to have a contact.

Still. We had an exchange. My first morse contact in nearly 20 years on ham radio!! And not long after I had another with Rowan VK2ELF.

Thanks guys for putting up with my bad morse. 🙂 I’m determined to practice. Get back up to speed and improve!!


And a short video of the ft817 resting against my chest sending some rally bad morse 🙂

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