VK3 Sota “LITE” Introduction

SOTA_Simplified_LogoAt the November coffee shop meeting for the EMDRC radio club, Marshall, VK3MRG and myself presented on sota, and how to activate sota easily in metro Melbourne

The night was aimed at people interested in being an activator but unsure where to start, where the summits were and how simple an activation can be.

Marshall presented on his activities, and gave some background on how to activate and what to take.

I followed with my presentation of some easy Melbourne locations and demonstrated the mapping tools and some of the smart phone applications to assist with the activity.

Their appeared to be a lot of interest in the room from people considering activating a mountain, as well as those interested in being chaser and working people on summits, Hopefully it generated some more interest.

My presentation as a PDF can be downloaded form this link (4mb)

The evening was very well attended, and we had a number of visitors from the VK3 Sota Community who had an assortment of gear for show and tell. At least a dozen FT817’s in the room!! Thanks everyone.

More information about the VK3 sota region can be found here.

I also handed out to anyone interested a paper log book sheet I use, and you can download this as a PDF here.

The evening was recorded and a video will be available soon!

Goats1_182904Sota Goats in a Tree.

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