Anderson Power Poles

Standardisation of power supply connectors is something I have recently been undertaking throughout the shack, car and my camper trailer.

There is nothing worse than not having the right connector, having to make up some form of connector instead of just having that box work, and with the camper trailer, dealing with fiddly and flakey cigarette connectors that every item seems to use and that often cause more grief than good.

I’ve slowly converted everything I have to Anderson power pole connectors. and have made up enough fly leads and mixing cables to ensure I always have the right lead. From the LED lights in the camper trailer to all those power cables for the various radios I have.

Last time the australian dollar was decently priced against the US$ i ordered a bulk collection of items from PowerWerx in the US. They arrived quickly, and work out very cheap.

Alternatively, Come to one of the EMDRC Club meetings and buy 10 pairs for $10. (the club bulk buys from PowerWerx and makes up bags of 10!)

I also use the bigger 50amp SB50 Anderson plugs on my camper trailer and solar setup. For the larger sized ones I have purchased connectors form this ebay seller in Croydon (who claims to be Anderson Connectors Australia) and from ABR Sidewinder (the sidewinder ones are copies and not as good as the real deal). The both sell 10 connectors posted for around $30 posted. I have a proper lug crimper tool for the SB50 connectors, and the “cheap” version of the Anderson crimper (non ratchet) for the smaller ones. I’m in the school of “NOT” soldering these connectors, save for a very few connectors that need the extra mechanical support. And in 60+ sets made up, have not had an issue with crimping only.


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