FT817ND – My New QRP Rig.

I have just acquired a second hand Yaesu FT817ND for portable operation, microwave radio driving and camping holidays and I also plan to start to participate in SOTA activations. More posts to come as I explore this nifty little radio and the Z-match ATU i acquired in the bundle, as well as some useful SOTA apps for iPhone and portable power as I explore.

** an update, last night i connected it to 10m of hookup wire and ran this from the BBQ to the fence (1.5m off the ground) and worked ~250km to vk3flak Bob in Wedderburn. My first foray to QRP! The atu works a treat and im impressed. See the video below for part of the contact.

photo 5 photo 4 photo 2imagephoto 3

5 thoughts on “FT817ND – My New QRP Rig.

  1. Hi Andrew! Thanks for the QRZ.com QSL. Your new rig is ready for Sota. You were a fine signal from Mount Waverley to Wedderburn Vic. 200+ km. with 2 Watts, well done! I like your website. All the best and I look forward to catching you on air. 73 Bob VK3FLAK

    • Thanks Peter, ill start sota soft just some easy access stuff the radio is for camping and travel (actually, marshall 3mrg is presenting to emdrc in mid november on sota light/soft and easy at burwood) if you want to come along and watch..

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