ZBM2 Ham iOS and Android Apps

A very nifty range of FREE ham related apps is available on both android and iOS devices to help locate repeaters, Sota summits and to cat control some yaesu radios on the andriod version with a special adaptor.

repeater book 3

The software is produced by ZBM2 Software РNicolas Pike M1HOG and a quick look at the website will point you to the software link on the google play store or apple app store. (only the repeater version is available on iOS currently, with sota coming soon). They also have a Facebook page.

I have installed the repeater app on my iOS devices and the sota app on a samsung handset I have and have been using them while travelling around, the best feature is the “near me” nature of the software, using the device gps to locate yourself, or a pre known grid square reference, you can check an area for the local repeater’s, see their frequencies and any tone’s required to access them. Handy when you are travelling into a new area, and want to know the local repeaters.

Some sample screen shots on my iOS device below showing the configuration and local repeaters in my area.

image image image image image image image image

Thanks ZBM2 software/Nicolas for the wonderful free App’s.

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