MacloggerDX and its iPad app!!

icon_smallBeing a mac user, the options for ham radio software can be limited, but in recent years the quantity and more importantly the quality of programs available has really increased.

My logging program of choice is MacLoggerDX, this nifty native mac app allows logging, spotting, contesting and remote rig control (to my ic9100) Don also writes a very neat mac based Satellite tracking program called MacDoppler. Though with no real Satellite interest, i haven’t acquired that program.

maclogger window

The program has a sister app for iPads. called MacLoggerDX HD, this software will share adif log files and offers all of the main apps functions on the iPad. I use the ipad when camping or from the car to log my contacts


But i think the best feature of all, is the remote rig control! watch this very neat video of the rig control in action!. 😀

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