PicoHorus 3 HAM Balloon

PicoHorus 3 was a small balloon launched from near Adelaide on June 15th. The ballon headed east slowly and was tracked for many hours as it travelled around 20km above the earth. The Balloon and payload was made by Mark VK5QI details of the payload on marks site.

I had been out during the day, but when I got home, fired up the special version of fldigi and was able to hear the Balloon while it was over Mungo national park, and track it over the evening until it was near Cowra, the path was around 500km from my house, all from the little vertical omni in my backyard in Melbourne. The payload transmitted 25mW and used 50bps RTTY on 434.150Mhz USB. The device stopped in the evening when it appears the battery failed, the device continued to be detectable for a number of hours with short bursts of data as it continued heading east.

The ballon being launched by mark vk5qi

Some screen shots of the path, and some videos of me decoding it.


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